Fly Fishing & Heli-Fishing

Relish the thrill of world-class fly-fishing.

Blanket Bay originally sprung from its owner's love of fly-fishing. To ensure a magical fishing get a way, everything at Blanket Bay is designed to provide a world-class experience for the most demanding and experienced anglers.

Blanket Bay is close to several of New Zealand's iconic trout fishing rivers (The Greenstone and Caples are only minutes away by helicopter).

Large rivers, slow moving pools, fast runs and riffles, bush clad streams, open river floats, or small mountain lakes provide exciting options for your fishing pleasure.

You may fish nearby in local rivers and streams, or the lake edge at Blanket Bay (a 10+ pound trout was caught at the mouth of Stoney Creek, just alongside the Lodge). Alternatively you may prefer to fly fish the lake banks, or the mouth of the rivers that flow into Lake Wakatipu.

Lake Wakatipu is home to Brown and Rainbow trout and land-locked Quinnat Salmon.

Our fishing season on the rivers runs from November through May. There is excellent nymph fishing during the early season and superb dry fly and nymph fishing during the summer months. Brown and Rainbow trout average more than three pounds, with five to six pound trout not uncommon. Trophy size trout over 10 pounds are more likely in early or late season.

Fishing on Lake Wakatipu is available year round.

Guided Fishing

Anglers from all over the world have looked to New Zealand as the mecca of angling - the world's best wild trout fishery. There is exceptional stream fishing for Browns and Rainbows. Fishing in New Zealand is measured by quality not quantity. A good day's fishing might be only 3 or 4 fish, but they could average over 5 pounds!

Fishing for New Zealand trout also requires techniques often unfamiliar to visitors. Here is stalking and sight fishing at its best! Whether absolute beginner or the most avid and experienced fishermen, our resident guides will tailor a fishing adventure for you.

Though we anticipate the most experienced fisherman will bring their own equipment, our guides will provide a full range of rods, reels, and other gear to ensure a quality fishing experience for those without their own tackle.

Heli-fish New Zealand’s most remote rivers.

Via helicopter from the lawns of Blanket Bay to the most remote rivers of New Zealand’s South Island; here you’ll experience some of the world’s best fly-fishing.

There are waters with Brown trout only and some with sea run trout (Steelhead). Within 15 minutes of the Lodge by helicopter there are many miles of wilderness rivers and streams, inaccessible to vehicles, and only accessed by foot with great difficulty. Helicopter access makes the most of these virtually untouched waters.

We will recommend a great fishing plan, arranging helicopter as well as all gear and tackle if required. Our guides possess ‘insider’ knowledge and can take you to stretches of water possibly not fished this season by any other angler, where you can stalk wild Rainbow and Brown trout.

If you are even more adventurous then we can arrange an exciting full day heli-fishing experience on up to three different rivers. A trip to Fiordland combines sensational scenery with unsurpassed fishing. Alternatively visit the West Coast where rivers flowing into the sea can produce sea run Browns at selected times of the year.

The helicopter pilots are very experienced and have extensive knowledge of the diverse Fiordland, Southland and Otago landscapes. They are all familiar with unique weather patterns in these regions, a very important aspect when flying in this mountainous terrain.