Blanket Bay voted in the World's Top 10 Hideaways

Apr 11, 2011

The discerning readers of the prestigious Andrew Harpers Hideaway Report have voted Blanket Bay 6th in the Top 20 Hideaways in the world, and the best in New Zealand.

Each year in this long-running Reader Survey, Andrew Harpers organisation asks its members to vote for their favourite Hideaways, hotels and resorts with 75 or fewer rooms. This audience of sophisticated travellers are looking for distinctive charm, and a high level of personal service. They travel an average of 32 days per year, both in the U.S. and internationally, are in search of unique experiences and expect to be treated as individuals.

This audience reflects Andrew Harpers own philosophy, traveling incognito and always at his own expense, he circles the globe in search of those qualities that separate the truly enchanting from the merely excellent. The Hideaway Report, his discerning newsletter exclusive to Andrew Harper members, features insightful and timely reviews of distinctive new properties as well as candid reassessments of classic hotels and luxury resorts. Following the success of his publication, Mr. Harper developed a comprehensive private luxury travel club that offers an array of personalized travel-planning services, custom tours and exclusive benefits from approved properties.

Blanket Bay is a regular favourite with Andrew Harpers readers.