18th January 2017

The magestic Milky Way crossing the Lodge, stunning for those enjoying an after dinner stroll

14th November 2016

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to those affected by seismic activity experienced in North Eastern areas of the Mainland last night. We, at Blanket Bay, did not feel any movement but have been humbled by the concern expressed by so many caring folk from around the world. Sincere thanks go out to all.

23rd October 2016

Do you have a separate vegetarian/vegan menu please?

4th September 2016

Very proud to be named amongst the top 20 International Hideaways by the discerning readers of Andrew Harper

13th July 2016

James Cameron, with wife Suzy, spending some time at Blanket Bay and around the surrounding area, experiences all Blanket Bay guests can enjoy!

2nd July 2016

Corey Hume Executive Chef works some of his magic

18th May 2016

They said the lake was 10 degrees year round. They were correct!

13th May 2016

Winter is definitely on its way. Finally we can see those magical mountain tops covered in fresh snow. #winteriscoming #blanketbay #entrance #mountains #welcome

11th May 2016

Sick of the daily grind? Why not enjoy an #espressomartini by the fire on a rainy day, it's the only reason we would spill the beans! #blanketbay #forguestsonly #luxurylodge #private #exclusive #cocktail

5th May 2016

Lake Wakatipu, full of surprises! Our friends at Dart River Jet always have great eye for very eh.. daring wildlife! #dartriverjet #ohdeer #Wakatipulake

4th May 2016

'[...] different from anyplace I'd ever been: raw and bucolic, lit up with the intensity of a Southern Hemisphere spring.' Thank you Kim Seely for including Blanket Bay in this great article about South Island luxury Lodges! Please find the following link for the Virtuoso, Specialists in the Art of Travel Magazine feature: http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/virtuosolife/20160506/#/102 #virtuosolife #blanket_bay #magazine #luxurylodgesnz