13th February 2019

Some times 5 stars are just not enough #luxurylodgesnz #smallluxuryhotelsoftheworld #fivestarwilderness

30th January 2019

Just a 15 minute flight from the private pad, positions Blanket Bay as the closest luxury lodge (by heli) to Milford Sound #luxurylodgesnz #smallluxuryhotelsoftheworld

24th January 2019

Accessible by helicopter, plane, motor yacht and limousine, to name but a few, the stunningly lush lake frontage of Blanket Bay awaits. #luxurylodgesnz #smallluxuryhotelsoftheworld

17th January 2019

Just a short scenic drive away, Blanket Bay really is the gateway to Paradise #luxurylodgesnz #smallluxuryhotelsoftheworld

25th August 2018

Everything is getting ready here at sunny Blanket Bay for another fantastic day with Annabel Langbein and her cooking art! A cooking workshop today - and we have started with the most delicious rhubarb cake 🍰 #essential #blanketbay #gourmet #weekend #feelingproud #newzealandcuisine #foodandwine #gourmetweekend #vladkakennettphotography

24th August 2018

Tonight and for the whole weekend live from Blanket Bay with Annabel Langbein and & Maude Wines. Watch this space for updates... hmmmm...these amazing looking canapΓ©s with a view!!! Credit Vladka Kennett Photography

21st August 2018

Getting very close now! On Friday this week we are having the lovely Annabel Langbein and Maude Wines in tandem presenting the best of their culinary & wine art! Your last minute chance to be a part of this promising experience - get in touch with us now to book your connoisseurs weekend πŸ‘ŒπŸ·πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ Call us on 03 441 0115 or email: information@blanketbay.com

5th August 2018

Guess who is next in our Winter Celebrity Series! This time we are going to welcome Annabel Langbein - you better pencil in the 24th - 26th of August! The event will be in conjunction with Maude Wines and it looks like it will be one fantastic culinary & wine matching weekend! Contact us to secure your reservation... πŸ‘©β€πŸ³

29th July 2018

A lovely shot by one of our staff member, Martine De Wit from this morning! A crisp, winter day, yet full of colours as much as you can get here at Blanket Bay... β„οΈπŸ’•