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The Blanket Bay Christmas Staff Party

Jan 11, 2010

You know how it is when you drive around the corner and there ahead of you is a police check point. Immediately, despite the fact you are totally innocent and have spent the whole evening resisting the temptation of even one glass of wine. Thoughts of, 'have I got my licence? Is my warrant still current? Are my diesel miles paid up?' flash through your mind, or at least they do with me.

Not so any of the Blanket Bay team at our recent staff party. Playing the responsible role, a bus was organised to take everyone to the bowling alley for some pre dinner fun. (Anyone reading this is welcome to enquire who the champion bowler was on the night). Just across the road from Strike Bowl is the lovely Gantleys Restaurant which we booked by popular request for the second Christmas in a row. Imagine the delight of the team when they spied, right in front of the restaurant, the Police Booze Bus control with the three squad cars.

Borrowing one of Gantleys road signs, well, the picture says it all.

What makes this newsworthy is the fact that the Queenstown Police entered into the spirit of the party. Much to the astonishment of three of our team from America and Poland one of the officers lent James his hat took the attached photo. 'If you approach police in the USA like this they'd lock you up and throw away the key' remarked Brian from Washington State.