Blanket Bay and Queenstown are four season resorts

Enjoy Blanket Bay’s four distinct seasons

Hot summers, colourful autumns, white winters and beautiful springs.

SUMMER: December / January / February

Summer burns hot under vivid blue skies. One look at the deep blue lakes, or golden tussock covered mountainsides and it becomes abundantly clear why this region is a favourite New Zealand destination. Mid summer temperatures can reach 30+ Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) with zero humidity though temperatures average a comfortable 25 C/75F. Evenings are long and pleasantly warm. Fishing and water sports are at their peak during these months. Conditions are hot and dry.

AUTUMN: March / April / May

Rich golden days, warm shadow-dappled evenings. The vivid reds and gentle golds of a Central Otago Autumn permeate everything in this, the most scenic of seasons. Autumn is a wonderful time for trekking, biking, and horseback riding. Enjoy the wine harvests. Expect warm balmy days.

WINTER: June / July / August

Winter offers not only all the activities and fun of the other seasons but snow to boot! From June through to October, regular snowfalls coat the surrounding peaks in a white blanket, but is only fleeting on the lakeshore at Blanket Bay and within the Queenstown township. The days are clear and crisp. At higher altitudes ski field temperatures are generally several degrees cooler.

SPRING: September / October / November

Spring is a most invigorating time in the region. Wild flowers appear along country roads, vineyards start to bud with next year's vintage, and rich, green pastures become peppered with newborn lambs, calves and fawns. The weather is often changeable. Enjoy a bike-ride, hike, or take to the rivers, fresh with snow and glacier melt. Fishing season on most rivers opens November 1st.

Season temperatures

  • SUMMER:  19 to 29 Celsius (67-86 Fahrenheit).
  • AUTUMN:   15 to 25 Celsius (59-77 Fahrenheit).
  • WINTER:      5 to 10 Celsius (41-50 Fahrenheit).
  • SPRING:      9 to 15 Celsius (48-59 Fahrenheit).