Blanket Bay Cares

Just as we warmly care for our guests we also passionately support our environment and community

Blanket Bay Lodge has made a commitment to reduce our impact on the natural environment by adopting sustainable environmental, economic and social practices.

Through participation in many local initiatives our owners, management and employees all make an ongoing commitment to reduce our impact on the natural environment. At Glenorchy we are located on the edge of spectacular World Heritage wilderness, and therefore we are justifiably proud to promote ‘clean and green’ New Zealand to every guest.

Blanket Bay is also a keen supporter of local businesses and school. We partner with local tourism operators to support our community. We champion the local artists and display a large collection of their work within the Lodge. We employ the skills of local craftsman and tradesman to refurbish and service the Lodge.

Blanket Bay aims to provide guests with a meaningful local experience and at the same time reduce our footprint on the planet.